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Writing a Professional Sales CV

How To Write A Professional Sales CV

Professional sales CV writing is different to working with other industries in that there are many clear opportunities to list measurable achievements from within your past roles. Whilst I would always suggest that the basic approach to CV authorship remains the same for a sales candidate, we tend to focus in great detail regarding targets and achievements. As an experienced CV writer, I personally love writing for sales candidates due to their openness during the consultation period, I always find so many great angles to approach from.

What is a Key Achievement?

A key achievement is something that really separates you from the competition and shows what an amazing job you do and impact you have! Speaking from personal experience, I was a recruiter for 10 years or so and during that time I won many significant accounts. I would always list my wins at The Met Office and AAM under my own key achievements, not only because they are large organisations, but also because securing business with either of them requires a lot of skill. In short, my key achievements therefore highlight that I am highly skilled as a business development recruiter and accustomed to developing and managing large accounts. It's important that you think about what key achievements you have that can be leveraged to demonstrate the abilities your potential employer may be looking for.

What About Hitting Targets?

Targets in sales are essential and potential employers want to know that you are used to not only working towards but also hitting and exceeding them! We normally suggest having a look through your old commission slips and getting an idea of what you achieved on top of target. Always look to list your targets and what you achieved, for example:

Targeted 2012 - 250k PA
Achieved 2012 – 500k PA – 200% of target.

Personal Statement, Your Chance To Shine!

If sales candidates are going to present any weakness, it's normally around their written abilities as most sales are conducted both via telephone and face to face. Any seasoned recruiter is well aware of this, but also aware of how much follow-up is now conducted via e-mail. Your personal statement is your chance to show that you have the ability to exceed expectations when it comes to your written communication skills, instantly dispelling any potential doubt from the get-go.

Key Skills as a Sales Candidate:

It's important to think carefully about your key skills and what it is that is specific to you. Every sales candidate should have the ability to hit and exceed targets so this isn't really a key skill, it's a given requirement. I would be looking deeper at what it is that allowed you to hit your targets, for example:

Exceptional communication skills both written and verbal with business stakeholders at all levels.
Strong experience in negotiating mid to high-value contracts (30k – 250k+) within both blue-chip organisations and SME's.

References, to list or not to list!?

We normally state that references are available on request. The modern CV gets posted all over the internet and it's prudent to not post third-party information.

If you are looking for a professional sales CV why not give us a call and have a chat with us, or have a look at our CV Services.