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I've just looked over my new CV. Thanks, it's great. Much more structured and easier to follow. I love it - Let's hope it does the job.
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Are The Best CVs Written By CV Writers?

I’m actually writing this article in response to a question that I was posed earlier in the week by a candidate who approached us to have a CV written, secured interviews and eventually landed the job that she was aiming for. To be honest, she would never have secured an interview for this position without our help as her original CV was really quite poor. Obviously, she was extremely grateful (the chocolates and card we received went down rather well) as always, but she did pose a follow-up question as she is now a recruiting manager: 

Are All Great CVs Written By CV Writers? 

Well, in direct answer to that, a good CV writer will never allow the reader to know that it was professionally written - certainly if the CV writer has had a strong consultation with the client then the amount of personal detail that should be included should never allude to the intervention of a CV writer. With this in mind, does it matter if the CV was written by a professional or by the individual? I would argue that if nothing else it shows that recognise know where your strengths and weakness are and that you're not afraid to think 'outside the box' and add value to your life through outsourcing tasks. 

Getting Someone Else To Write Your CV - Getting A Mechanic To Fix Your Car: 

Surely if you don’t possess the skills yourself then it is prudent and in fact commendable to seek assistance. For example; I don’t fix my own car, I wouldn’t know where to start, but I'm a highly accomplished writer. Now, my mechanic can fix cars, he’s very good at it and that’s why I use him, however, he couldn’t write a CV to the same level I can. Now, if he uses my services to create a CV, that doesn’t make him any less of a mechanic, does it? In fact, I would say it makes him a better candidate based on the fact he is willing to outsource when he doesn’t have the expertise.

My personal take as a CV Writer is that it makes good sense to employ expertise in all areas of life and that certainly includes CV writing and interview coaching, just two of the services I personally specialise in within CV Lizard. If you're interested in having your CV written by one of our top team of professional CV writers, please give us a call on 0207 112 8497 for more information.