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I've just looked over my new CV. Thanks, it's great. Much more structured and easier to follow. I love it - Let's hope it does the job.
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So many people ask us what the importance of a CV is within the job searching process, so I decided it would be of great benefit to spend time on a Friday afternoon writing a response. Job-seekers must to be able to understand the importance of possessing the best CV possible. 

Your CV is quite simply the most important aspect of your job searching efforts! In any case, you will be required to write a CV that not only states a history of what you've done in the past and the skills and attributes you possess, but you will also need to apply some indirect sales techniques and psychological guide-points when constructing your document to really engage the employer within the 45 seconds or so that he or she will dedicate to analysing your Curriculum Vitae.

At the time of writing, there are an excess of candidates for each role being advertised, in some industries there is an approximate minimum of 50 applications for each an every role! When faced with such choices, employers will only dedicate attention to the best CV, and so herein lies the motivation for creating the perfect CV for your individual needs. 

So, how much is a strong CV worth financially? 

This is complicated to answer and really there are so many facets to this question! Firstly you can consider that if currently unemployed and you normally earn £100 a day when in employment, if you are out of work for a 2 month period then this would have resulted in a £4000 pound loss! This is a major loss for anybody, even those on a £30,000 salary (which is above the national average). Although not guaranteed to land you a job due to the variables involved, what can be guaranteed is the fact that your chances of landing a new quickly after being made redundant would rise greatly having attained the perfect CV, translating into a significant reduction in loss of earnings. 

As a further example, we worked with a lady from the education sector seeking to gain a promotion. She undertook interview coaching as well as a new CV and ended up negotiating to secure £5k above what she was hoping to be offered, so in her case we could attribute at least half of that to her skills on paper and the other half to her interview skills. Without trying to sound like a salesman or exhibiting bias in any way, if I am completely honest without the CV we constructed for, I doubt she would have even been short-listed. This is the return on investment the perfect CV can produce. 

What does the future hold for CVs in an age dominated by technology?
Well, we obviously have a vested interest in staying up to date and current and have our ears to the ground on emerging trends. Video CVs came and went very quickly, having essentially died a death (too long-winded, complex to produce). 

The future seems to be more simple, calling on social networking tools (such as LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter) linked to a strong CV. People will always wish to know what you have to offer and that can be communicated effectively only through a few key mediums, with the most significant one being producing the perfect CV.
If your looking for the perfect cv why not give us a call or check out our CV services.