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What Are Internet Job-Boards?

Basically, they are exactly what they say on the tin. They are Internet-hosted listings of currently available positions that you can peruse and apply for. However, utilising the wonderful technology of the Internet, they also have a wide range of extra features that set them apart from the traditional off-line boards.

It's easier to search for jobs specific to your criteria.

You can search and filter jobs by job role, sector, salary, full-time/part-time and distance from your current location. This means that you won't waste time reading through job postings that are actually of no use to you.

E-mail Alerts.

You can set-up automatic alerts that will inform you of relevant job postings via e-mail. This way, you know about positions as soon as they become available, having an opportunity to get your application in promptly, remaining as pro-active as possible in your job hunt.

CV Visibility.

Note: It's critically important that your CV is as strong as it can be prior to placing it on these boards. In this scenario, there are thousands of available positions but thousands of potential applicants. We strongly recommend you use one of our professional CV writing service packages before you start this type of online job hunting campaign. If you really want to shine, it would pay to have a covering letter ready as well, which you can use to support any applications made. CV Lizard offers a very high-quality covering letter service.

With the online job-boards, employers can find you. By registering your CV and making it searchable, employers with a requirement can search for candidates with matching skills and invite you to apply. This can take some of the work of the job-hunt away from you. There is more to it than simply uploading your CV though. On many of these websites it is critical to define your skills individually, and also manually enter information about your previous roles. It can also be worth considering a slightly different version of your personal statement as it's a slightly different landscape. You are essentially making your CV visible to the masses so it's a different ball game to individual applications.

Are all Job-Boards the same?

They share common factors but they are different. Some are specialised and some are more general. It can be worth using both, depending on your chosen sector, but the major boards are exceptionally 'active' and there is almost no sector not covered. In terms of functionality they are essentially the same, but in terms of look, feel, and the information required during registration, they can differ substantially. This means that signing up to many of them can actually be extremely time consuming, as your profile would need to be configured in a slightly different way for each.

How big are these sites? How many jobs are listed? Is it worth it?

Here are some statistics from two of the most popular boards (August 2012):
  • Reed – 125,000 jobs listed from 12,000 companies.
  • Total Jobs - 102,000 jobs listed from from 5500 companies.

What does the CV Lizard Job-Board Submission product include?

CV Lizard will create accounts for you on all the major job-boards, upload your CV, maximise your exposure by manually defining your skills, qualifications and experience, and ensure that your profile is perfect by proofreading everything fully. We will then configure e-mail alerts on your behalf to get you started. Once ready, we will compile a report to inform you of where you've been registered and how to log in.

If you are already registered on any of the target boards, we will need to request a password from you so that we can log in and optimise your profile. We will contact you to acquire this.

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