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I've just looked over my new CV. Thanks, it's great. Much more structured and easier to follow. I love it - Let's hope it does the job.
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What makes using a CV Template, CV Builder or CV Examples a bad idea?

What is a CV Template?

This is a question often posed by clients approaching us to create the best CV possible. The main issue with professional CV templates is that by definition they are a fixed method of constructing a CV. The catastrophic effect of this is that a huge number of individuals will end up owning and using very similar CVs, meaning that as a candidate you will blend in with the crowd rather than stand out as an individual, which obliterates the point of owning a bespoke CV. Although there are tried and tested conventions that should be adhered to in the majority of cases, CV writing is as much art as it is science and in accordance with that fact a 'standardised' template is certainly not advised.

What is an On-line CV Builder?

An on-line CV builder is essentially the same as an on-line CV template in terms of the final result, the difference being the mechanism for populating it. Rather than downloading the template and filling in the information yourself, you enter the information into an on-line form and download the finished document with the data inserted and formatted. Of course, no consultant will inspect the text you are entering into your CV, so there is no sanity check or quality control of any kind.

Disadvantages & Disadvantages

In our opinion, there are no real tangible advantages of using a CV template or auto-generated building tool - some may argue that a professional CV template saves time and money, but thinking deeper reveals that this is not the case. It can certainly save you time, but could potentially cost you £1000's in terms of your potential salary as you are not selling yourself with any originality or quality and therefore will be unlikely to win a strong position in the highly competitive job-seeking environment now being faced.

Pretty much everybody has heard the often-quoted saying that “one size does not fit all”, which is highly relevant when seeking to build the best CV possible. No one individual is the same as anybody else, so the ability to build a CV template to suit all individuals with uniquely specialised needs and requirements can be deemed impossible. CV builders and CV templates do not enable you to produce a bespoke document, allow you to highlight personal achievements or input information relevant to your specific interpersonal skills or career objective.

A final thought here is best illustrated from a CV Lizard anecdote (which has occurred more than once to date). We have noticed suspicious looking points on client CVs, most notably during our in-office appointments. A quick Google search for certain key points has revealed word-for-word matches. Imagine what an HR professional would think, had they done the same. Originality is key.

So what should I do if I can't afford the services of a professional CV writer?

Of course, we always strongly recommend employing the services of a CV writer due to the simple fact that for the sake of less than £50 (in most cases) you will end up with a document that will essentially last forever, give or take some additional editing and updating following each new role. The return on investment there should really be obvious – as this document acts as a key to the next stage in your career, a stepping stone towards your personal goals and ultimately (in most cases) an increase in wage, it pays to invest in professional services in much the same way as it pays to employ any professional and well-regarded trades-person! 

If this initial outlay seems expensive, we recommend you attempt the task yourself rather than utilising any sort of automated tool. We have authored some helpful guidelines on how to write a CV on this website which can be found under the 'Help and Advice' tab. Some tip-of-the-iceburg secrets are shared there, certainly not all of them though!

For more CV help, give us a call or check out our CV services.